Advent for Children

preK showing ornaments (2)
During Advent, The Church historically has focused on different themes from Scripture each week.  The intent is that the body of Christ would spend time each week contemplating the truths about God and humanity seen in Christ’s advent and therefore aid each other by sharing our thoughts on these subjects. 

Recognizing that every household is different in size, age, and stage of life, each week below is a link to several different types of activities. The intent is not that any one household would do all activities. Rather, we hope that each would find some useful or that they would lead to other ideas your household is able to use to practice the “active waiting” lifestyle to which Advent calls us.  It is our hope that these activities will encourage us as a church family to cultivate a spirit of patience, humility, faith and service.

Also, be sure to pick up your Advent 2019 guide for further explanation on Advent themes, helpful daily prayers and Scripture readings and the TPC Advent schedule of services.

Advent Week 1: December 1 - 7

Advent Week 2: December 8 - 14

Advent Week 3: December 15 - 21

Advent Week 4: December 22 - 24 (only 3 days because December 25 begins the season of Christmas)