Baptism at Trinity

Baptism at Trinity Presbyterian Church

Trinity belongs to what is known as the Reformed Tradition. With regard to baptism, this means we follow the historic practice of the sacrament of baptism as articulated in the Westminster Confession of Faith, chapter 28.

Baptism was instituted by Jesus Christ on the day he ascended to the right hand of God the Father (Matthew 28.18-20). It is done with water and in the name of the Triune God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Baptism was given by Jesus for the purpose of admitting the baptized into the visible church. At the same time, it is a sign and seal of the covenant of grace, our being ingrafted into Christ, made alive by the Spirit, forgiven of our sins, and the giving up our lives to his.

Baptism at Trinity is administered by the sprinkling of water (Ezekiel 36.25-27) which itself signifies the cleansing blood of Jesus and our being set apart for him in order to walk in his way.

The promise of God is made not only to those who believe, but also to the children of believers (Genesis 17; Acts 2.38). Therefore, children of believers have an interest in God’s covenant of grace and have a right to receive the sign of the covenant, which is baptism. Children, through baptism, are received into the visible church, set apart from the world, and are called to put their trust in the Lord Jesus who alone can redeem and forgive. While baptism doesn’t ‘magically’ save, Jesus commands it be received once as a sign and seal of his grace which has been demonstrated in his death and resurrection.

Adult Baptism

IMG_0164-cropIf you have never received the sacrament of baptism and would like to, the first thing you would need to do is attend one of our membership courses. After this you will be interviewed for membership where you will express your faith in Jesus and desire to be baptized. At this time, you will schedule the day of your baptism. On the actual day you will take your vows of membership in front of the congregation and then receive the sacrament of baptism.


Infant and Child Baptism

O'Brien Baptism DSC_8738-crop Trinity will baptize infant members of Trinity. If you are a member you can request baptism for your infant by calling the church office or clicking HERE.

If you are becoming a member of Trinity, please inform the Elder during your interview for membership that you desire to have your infant baptized on the day you join the church. Trinity will baptize older children once he or she profess their faith in Jesus. This baptism will bring them into the membership of the church (Ephesians 4) and allow them to participate in the sacrament of communion. On the day of their baptism, they will take their vows of membership in front of the congregation.