Children's Fine Arts Series

This program series is on hold in regards to Covid-19.  We hope to be back on track soon!

Being created in the image of a creative God,we find our joy in taking the things of creation and creating new things with them. The Fine Arts Series at TPC was established to allow children to explore many areas of The Arts and help them find their creative interests and gifts. 

Through the Fine Arts Series, TPC partners with the community of Murfreesboro to offer classes in areas such as painting, sewing, music, poetry & language, acting, writing, cooking, and more.  We offer both a Fall and Spring Course. Classes meet on Wednesday evenings from 6 - 7:30.


Telling stories orally, through writing, or on the stage, has been a way to pass down history and life lessons as long as the human race has existed. So how are stories written? How do we tell a true story in a way that makes people want to listen? What are even the necessary ingredients for a story? Come learn these things and more. The class will end on May 20 with a stage presentation of a true historical fiction story.

This course begins Wednesday, January 15 and will meet weekly through May 13.  There will be no class on April 1 due to Spring Break.

For answers to quesions or to register, email Neecia Eggar at with your child's name, age, and grade in school.