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The Children’s Ministry Team of TPC exists 
to assist parents in giving thought & attention to the way children learn to
honor God, welcome all, and embody Christ's reign.


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Events are subject to change. Details about events will be available on other parts of the website as they become available as well as in the Trinity ENews.  If you do not receive ENews but would like to, please click here to email the church office and request to be added.

Children's Questions: 

From 12/8: What does, "There shall come forth a shoot from the stump of Jesse, and a branch from his roots shall bear fruit," mean?

This is an expansion of the promise God made to Adam and Eve all the way back when they first sinned. He promised then that he would send someone who would be able to fix all that was broken because of their disobedience. In this promise, he said that the one he would send would be a descendant of the woman - in other words, a human.  When Isaiah speaks these words years and years later, he is telling us more about who this promised "fixer" or savior is going to be - he will come from the line of Jesse ("a shoot from the stump of Jesse") BUT he will also be Jesse's root!  Only someone who is both human and God could come from Jesse AND be before Jesse!  Just like all of Scripture, we can only make proper sense of the Old Testament if we read it knowing it is all about Jesus.

Did you have a question about something you saw or heard in worship or CE this week? Place your questions in the Children's Questions Box on the Young Worshippers table and they will be answered here during the week.

Missionary of the Month:

Ross & Aislinn Meyer are currently serving with Serge Ministries, church planting in East London, UK and working with London's Bangledesh Muslim immigrants. Pray that God would protect and provide for their ministry in such a way that his name is honored and many are able to hear and see the good news of Christ.


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