Drama Camp Volunteers

Please check back here in March for information on how to volunteer for Drama Camp 2018.

Volunteer Job Descriptions:

Acting Director: Responsible for choosing script, conveying themes and important stage directions to all teams, casting and instructing actors during the week of camp and directing the live performance.
Assistant Director 1: Meet w/director before camp & assist during camp & performance
Assistant Director 2: Meet w/director before camp & assist during camp & performance

Assistant Producer: Assist producer in all responsibilities

Set Designer: Meet with acting director, producer & assistant producer to become familiar with script and themes of the play in order to draw detailed design of the set to be built and assembled by set builders, director and campers.

Set Builder: Based on design drawn by set designer and approved by director and producer, assemble the framing of set. Framing must be completed in time to set up the week before camp begins and will be completed by campers.
Assistant 1: Assist set builder
Assistant 2: Assist set builder
Assistant 3: Assist set builder

Set Director: Meet with set builder before camp to gain basic understanding of structure and what needs to be done to complete it during camp. Work with producer to gather needed supplies for completing the set during camp. Teach campers art techniques & guide them in the completion and assembly of the set during the week of camp.
Assistant: Assist set director.

Costume Director: Meet with acting director and producer before camp to establish roles and costume designs. Work with Producer to gather fabrics and supplies needed for costumes prior to camp. Instruct campers the week of camp in creating costumes by teaching them about both sewing/creating costumes, as well as how to study the script to decide what costumes will look like/be made of.
Assistant 1: Assist costume director in teaching and sewing (must have sewing knowledge)
Assistant 2: Assist costume director in teaching and sewing (must have sewing knowledge)

Music Assistant: Assist Music director during camp helping campers pay attention and learn.
Instrumental Director: Work with volunteer instrumentalists during the week to teach accompaniment for songs children will be singing in the play. During the play, only the music director will direct so that there is no confusion at who to watch.

Recreation Director: Plan 15 minutes of intentional activities for each morning of camp to keep early-arrivals busy between 8:45 & 9:00. Plan 30 minutes of games for each of 3 age groups (K – 1st, 2nd – 3rd and 4th – 5th) to lead with a team of youth volunteers during recreation each day. At least 1 week prior to camp, provide Producer with a list of any items needed for games.

Registrar: Make name tags for campers and volunteers prior to camp, be familiar with names and begin matching those names with faces once camp begins. During camp, run daily check-in & dismissal, preside over the Narthex and front hallway, including directing daily volunteers to welcome parents & children, offer drinks, make sure needs are met, questions are answered, information is given, children leave only with adults listed on their form, Responsible for making sure ALL campers and volunteers are in the auditorium at precisely 9:00 for opening each morning.
Daily Assistants: Assist Registrar & Hospitality Director on selected day(s)

Tech Assistant: Assist Technology Director.

Story-writing teachers: When campers in design classes have finished their projects for the day, they will go to a class where they will work on writing their own story from pictures. Teacher must have knowledge of story-writing techniques including how to form an outline, how to make simple sentences more interesting and how to help children make their own ideas flow into a full story.