Tom and Catalina Nachtergaele are serving with Mission to the World (PCA) based in Brussels, Belgium, supporting and encouraging pastors and church plants across Europe.

Pete and Ruth Mitchell are serving with Mission to the World (PCA), church planting in Toulouse, France.

Nate and Nikki Bonham currently reside in Rionegro, Colombia, serving with Mission to the World, providing university ministry, theological education, and mercy ministry that is all based around church-planting efforts. Click here for their current newsletter.  

Bethany Ferguson is serving with Serge Ministries in Kijabe, Kenya, providing Biblical counseling to students at Rift Valley Academy.

Ross & Aislinn Meyer are serving with Serge Ministries, church planting in East London, UK.

Rob & Claudia Holmes are serving with World Witness, and are currently working in Nantes, France.