Even the smallest and most helpless among us is an important, even vital part of our body deserving of the same loving care needed by older children and adults. Therefore, when entrusted to our nursery, babies will hear and feel the love of our Father. Their physical and emotional needs are the highest priority to our workers. Because babies learn to speak by hearing, they will hear sounds of worship projected through speakers from the sanctuary in the hope that that worship will shape their own speech as well as their concept of His people, The Church.

  • Ages: The nursery is open during worship and CE for children ages birth through 4 years old. We have a room for infants, two rooms for toddlers and a room for pre-schoolers. 
  • Allergy Alert: TPC is keenly aware of many allergies that plague children today. For this reason, we work to provide age-appropriate snacks that are safe to have in a room with any allergy a child might have. While we do not bring nuts into our building and all snacks we provide are nut-free, we cannot guarantee that they don't come in with others. If your child has a specific allergy, please simply let us know upon check-in. You are always welcome to view the packaging of the snacks we provide in order to feel at ease about what we are giving your child while they are in our care.