Our Service

Our Liturgy at Trinity

The word ‘liturgy’ simply means ‘service’. Therefore, when we speak of our liturgy we are speaking of our ‘order of service’ or worship on the Lord’s Day.

Our Sunday Order of Service consists of five related, yet distinct parts or movements. First, we
enter God’s presence to adore his glory and greatness, to ‘see him high and lifted up’ (Isaiah 6:1). Yet, when we ‘see’ him in glory we should at the same time be struck by the realization of our unworthiness; which in turn should lead us to confess our sins in order to be renewed in his grace.

Secondly, we commit again to God’s kingdom call and purposes by confessing our common faith and hearing our common story in the Scriptures.

Thirdly, we listen to God’s Word as he instructs us regarding what it means to be his people who exist for his glory and the good of others.

Fourth, all baptized followers of Jesus are invited to feast at his table. This is a time where we share our common meal, the Lord’s Supper, a meal where we are nourished in our communion with Jesus and with one another in and through the Spirit.

Finally, we are sent out with God’s blessing to serve him in our families, our neighborhoods, and our workplaces, as a people who are learning more and more to glorify God in whatever our hands find to do (1 Corinthians 10:31).

For more details, please see copy of our weekly bulletin.