Shepherding Ministry

Shepherding Ministry at Trinity

Trinity’s Shepherding ministry is relational and therefore it occurs primarily within the context of the community that is being cultivated between our members and regular attenders. We trust that these relationships are being formed through our community groups, men’s and women’s Bible studies, ministry teams and Christian Formation classes. If you have not yet found your place in one of these areas of our church, please visit the other pages listed under Christian Formation.

It is our desire that no one at Trinity “fall through the cracks” when they encounter times of pain, grief or crisis. We are here for you and are therefore ready to walk with you in your time of need. Below are some of the ways we seek to do this.

Parish Ministry
Parish Ministry at Trinity exists to provide a structured and strategic way to meet the shepherding and mercy needs of the congregation as well as equip and encourage parishioners to tangibly embrace the particular areas where God has placed them. We have divided our church body into four geographic parishes for which elders and deacons will be primarily responsible. The entry point of receiving the blessings of this ministry begins at the New Member Interview. This interview is conducted by “Your Parish Elder and Deacon.” At this time they will introduce themselves and inform you of what it means to be in their particular parish. It is the responsibility of this elder and deacon to pray for you and to care for you in times of need. Your parish elder and deacon will check in with you periodically throughout the year to offer support and to answer any questions you may have about the church. When our members are in need it is our hope that one of the first places they turn to is their parish elder and deacon. If for some reason you are unaware as to who your parish elder and deacon is, please call the church office at 615-895-2018.

Prayer Requests
Jesus calls us to be a people who “ask and seek and knock” in prayer, trusting that our Heavenly Father knows our needs and will provide for those needs. For this reason, we desire to be a community that prays with and for one another. To that end, we welcome all prayer requests. To make these requests known please inform your community group leader, parish elder or deacon or one of our pastors or use our online prayer request form.

When using this form, please specify who you would like to pray for your request: pastors, parish elder/deacon, community group, ministry team, or church wide. Prayers that are sent church wide will include those for you and members of your immediate family including:
• Birth
• Hospitalization
• Illness
• Death of parent, child, sibling or grandparent
• Job Loss

Know that when your prayer request is received that it will be prayed for faithfully.

Meals Ministry
This ministry provides meals to church families in need due to a birth, a hospitalization, or family emergency. To participate please contact Stephanie Cardel by clicking here

Financial Assistance
The Deacons of Trinity are here to assist you in times of financial distress due to a crisis, unemployment or underemployment. If you would like to speak with a deacon about how we might help you, please contact the church office at 615-895-2018.

Hospital Visits
If you or a member of your family is in the hospital we want to there and care for you in any way we can. Please call the church office at 615-895-2018 so that somebody can come and pray for you during your hospitalization. We also encourage you to contact your community group leader and/or parish elder or deacon so they are aware of your needs and may visit you or your loved one in the hospital if so desired.

If someone you love passes away, we want to know that we are here to offer you care and comfort in your time of grief. Please contact your parish elder or deacon and/or community group leader so that we might know how to serve you during this time of loss. If you need assistance in planning a funeral please call the church office at 615-895-2018.

Pre-Marital Counseling
We offer pre-marital counseling for our members. Please contact the church office to set up an appointment with Pastor Eggar to discuss beginning the process of pre-marital counseling.

During certain seasons of life you or a family member may need counseling. If you are interested in learning more about the counseling process or are looking for counselor recommendations, please call the church office at 615-895-2018 to set an appointment with one of our pastors.