The Bumbershoot: April 15, 2019

April 15, 2019
The Bumbershoot
The purpose of children's ministry at TPC is to give specific thought and attention to the way children grow in their understanding of Christ's Kingdom and what membership in that Kingdom entails.


We will have services every evening this week at 6pm. Monday through Wednesday will be short 30-minute services followed by a light dinner.

Thursday we will observe Maundy Thursday with a full service that tells the story of Christ's Last Passover with his disciples and the Institution of Communion.

Friday a full service will tell the story of the crucifixion that concludes with the anticipation our King's Resurrection Victory on Sunday. Children are not only welcome but encouraged to join us for these services that are the climax on which our whold faith rests.


Don't miss the beginning of the greatest season of the Christian year! This Sunday we mark the beginning of the Easter season with a Resurrection Celebration!  We will shake ourselves awake at a a short sunrise celebration beginning at 6am followed by a potluck breakfast. Bring something to share and enjoy feasting and celebrating the realization of the empty tomb.  But the sunrise service is just the warm up! Join us at 10am for our full Resurrection Sunday worship service where we celebrate Christ's victory over death that provides the reason we worship with our lives the rest of the year!  Christ's Resurrection is the reason for everything we do!



As the end of the school year draws near, we want to recognize our 5th graders who will be graduating out of the children's ministry and into the youth department.  Please plan to stay after CE on May 19 for a brief ceremony to honor our 5th graders followed by a celebratory light lunch. 

Drama Camp registration is now open!  Click here to download a registraion form and get registered today. You can also click here to print postcard invitations to give your friends and neighbors.  


 Interested in Drama Camp? Have friends you would like to tell about it? Click the picture above to watch a video telling about camp and share the link with others!  

Do you have questions about Lent? Click the picture to read "A Child's Guide For Lent"


Children's Questions:

Yesterday someone left this question in the children's question box, "How can you boast in Jesus?

One definition of "boast" is to talk with excessive pride and satisfaction.  The Bible tells us we should not boast in ourselves or our achievements because there is nothing we can do without our God. But we can and should boast in Jesus because He has done everything perfectly including saving us from the power of sin and the death to which it leads.  So, when it comes to talking about Jesus, we should most definitly talk with excessive pride - be very proud to admit that you were dead in your sins, but you now belong to a King who went to his own death to save you out of yours.


Yesterday’s worship training lesson was, "Entering God's Presence" and next week will be "Committing to God's Kingdom" Click on the title to read the lessons for further discussion at home.


Exodus 17:8-16

Have you ever watched a movie or read a story where right from the beginning, you knew what was going to happen at the end because of the question the main character asks at the beginning?  Maybe, it was a romance and the princess and her trusted friend are passing by a young prince in disguise as she asks if she will ever find true love. Or maybe it was a superhero story where the character frustratingly asks his friend if he thinks they will ever grow out of getting picked on as he is a conducting a science experiment that is about to change everything. 

That is called foreshadowing and I couldn't help but notice that Moses used foreshadowing to draw attention to his main point when he recorded the events in yesterday's passage. The previous section of the story ended with the Isralites asking, "Is the Lord with us or not." Right then, you know that God is going to show them that the He is indeed with them and has not abandoned them.

God had just provided water for them in the wilderness and yet, they are still unsure if he is going to fight for them. So God brings them face to face with enemies who want to take advantage of their weaknesses and overtake and possibly enslave them again.

Through the fight, Moses stands on the hill above them and holds up the staff that is a sign of God's power. Anytime his arms grow weary and the staff begins to come down, they begin to lose the battle. But as long as the staff is held over them, they win. God was showing them that not only is he with them, He is for them and will fight for them. He wants them to know that though they can do nothing on their own, as long as they trust and follow God, they can have confidence they will arrive safely in the land of promise even if they have to go through difficult battles. By the end, the people have an answer to their question and a new song in their mouths: "The Lord is my banner" Moses declares.

Father, teach me to trust you when things are good as well as when things are hard. Help me to know that you are the banner that waves over me reminding me who my King is and how much He loves me.



“And Moses built an altar and called the name of it, 'The Lord is My Banner,' saying, 'A hand upon the throne of the Lord!'”   

Exodus 17:15-16a

Q5: Can you live up to all this (God's Law) perfectly?

A5: No. I have a natural tendancy to hate God and my neighbor.

Q6: Did God create people so wicked and perverse?

A6: No. God created them good and in his own image - that is, in true righteousness and holiness - so that they might truly know God, their creator, love him with all their heart, and live with him in eternal happiness.


"His Mercy is More"

by Matt Boswell

Click here to listen.


"I Am The Lord, Your God"

based on Isaiah 43

Click here to read the lyrics and here to listen and practice singing.

APRIL 15, 16 & 17: Holy Week services at 6pm followed by a light dinner. All ages are welcome.

APRIL 18: Maundy Thursday service at 6pm

APRIL 19: Good Friday service at 6pm.

APRIL 21: Resurrection Sunday! Sunrise celebration and breakfast at 6am. Worship at 10am

MAY 19: Elementary Graduation Lunch after worship

If you have questions about anything pertaining to children's ministry at TPC or would like more information on any events, please email Neecia Eggar at