The Bumbershoot: April 30, 2018

April 30, 2018
The Bumbershoot
The purpose of children's ministry at TPC is to give specific thought and attention to the way children grow in their understanding of Christ's Kingdom and what membership in that Kingdom entails.

DRAMA CAMP VOLUNTEER MEETING: If you are interested in hearing about the volunteer positions available during Drama Camp, please attend the meeting this Tuesday, May 1 at 6:00pm. We will keep it a brief as possible but you will get a chance to hear how camp works and the goals for the week so you can decide what area of service might work for you. This meeting is for all youth and adults interested in serving.

COMMUNITY GARDEN: Trinity has started a community garden led by Piet Grove. We are in the beginning stages, and invite all who are interested in finding out more or helping in any way to email Piet. He would love to help your family get involved.

SERVE MURFREESBORO: May 19 all ages are invited to meet at Trinity at 8 am for breakfast. At 9 am we will split up and work at different locations around the city, helping schools, businesses and ministries with yard work and repairs.


Does Jesus want me to listen to his words or do the work he has assigned to me?  (Hint: It's a trick question!)  Of course he wants both. This is one of the questions that arises as we listen to what Luke has to say to The Church in the 10th chapter of his Gospel. When Luke recorded the story of Mary and Martha, he wasn't telling us all to stop working and be like Mary. Rather, what he was telling us was that we can never do the work given to us to do in a way that will actually make Jesus' Kingdom known unless we have first listened to His instructions.  Have your parents ever told you to do something - like clean the dirty dishes off the table - and after you do it, they come back into the room and say, "Why didn't you do what I told you?" In those moments, you can find yourself frustrated because you thought you did clean the table, but you realize you didn't listen to ALL of the instructions so you didn't actually do what they asked. Maybe instead of putting leftovers in the fridge, you dumped them in the trash. That could be a problem if the leftovers were supposed to be your lunch the next day! Being members of Jesus' Kingdom is like this. As the King, he gives instructions to all his members - helps us understand what it looks like to live and serve in His Kingdom - but unless we listen fully and daily to his instructions, we end up working in a frenzy, feeling frustrated that others aren't helping us. And we never even realize that we aren't doing it the way Jesus intended. So how do you know if you are living and serving the way Jesus wants? Serving wrongly leads to grumbling but serving Jesus is focused on Jesus and always comes after a time of quietly listening to His Word.

1. Please continue to pray and make cards for Adam and Nora Smith and baby Ezra. You can email the office to get the address for where to send them.

2. Pray for the Drama Camp team as we prepare to serve the children of our city this summer.

Children's Questions or prayer requests can be placed in the box on the Children's Table.



"Thine Be the Glory"
 Click here to see the sheet music and learn the words. We hope to have the audio file to add next week.

If you have a photo for the Bumbershoot, please email it. We cannot use everything but will gladly use what we can!

“Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things, but one thing is necessary.” Luke 10:41a (ESV)
Q: Why do you need Christ as a priest?

A: Because I am guilty.

Q: Why do you need Christ as a king?

A: Because I am weak and helpless.

NOW:  Register for Drama Camp!

Tuesday: Drama Camp Volunteer Meeting at 6pm.

If you have questions about anything pertaining to children's ministry at TPC or would like more information on any events, please email Neecia Eggar at