The Bumbershoot: May 13, 2019

May 13, 2019
The Bumbershoot
The purpose of children's ministry at TPC is to give specific thought and attention to the way children grow in their understanding of Christ's Kingdom and what membership in that Kingdom entails.


Today is the last day to RSVP for the 5th grade graduation lunch. All are invited to stay after CE and celebrate our 5th graders but if you plan to eat, you must RSVP TODAY by emailing with the number of people in your family who plan to attend. 

Drama Camp registration is now open!  Click here to download a registraion form and get registered today. You can also click here to print postcard invitations to give your friends and neighbors. YOU MUST REGISTER BY THIS SUNDAY, MAY 19 TO GUARANTEE A T-SHIRT.

Did you know that the children's ministry of Trinity hosts a mission project every summer?  As Christians we are all sent by God into the places we live with the job of showing Christ's love, forgiveness, and beauty to those around us. One of the ways the children's ministry focuses on this task is through Drama Camp each summer. The main purposes of camp are to:

1) encourage children in their God-given creativity

2) give youth the opportunity to pursue their God-given interests

3) be a blessing to the community

Prayerfully consider how you would like to be involved in this mission project?
  mother's day signs
Our 2nd and 3rd graders made sweet art for their mom's as they studied Proverbs 31. 

 Josh preaching
Josh imitated Pastor Brandon teaching God's Words to his teachers during CE

  Be sure to share this video with as many friends and neighbors as you can this week.  We would love to have your friends join us at Drama Camp

The last worship training lesson was, "Feasting at God's Table" and next week will be "Going Out With God's Blessing" Click on the title to read the lessons for further discussion at home.


EXODUS 24:1-11

Yesterday we heard that the covenant God made with Israel was much like a wedding.  He vowed to love them, to be their God, and to keep them safe forever! That's a pretty big promise. Have you ever stopped and thought about how big it is? How was God going to keep people safe forever? Don't all people die at some point?

All people do die, but God wanted people to know that he did not create them to die. He created them to live - to live forever! That is why he showed the people, with the sacrifices he taught them to make, that they were going to have to be made clean so that they could be restored to his purpose. All the sin that lives in the hearts of humans was going to have to be sprinkled with something that could wash it away and make hearts clean. The sacrifices were pictures of what that sin-stain remover would be - the blood from a clean, human heart - Jesus' heart.

The Israeliates did not fully understand this then but that was ok. It was much like you don't always understand all of God's Words or even all of your parents instructions. Do you sometimes wonder why your parents tell you to do something? And they don't always explain their reasons. But you have to trust them becuase you know they love you and want what is best for you. So your job is to follow their rules and trust that, as you grow, you will begin to understand them better.

Because God knew understanding is hard, The 10 Commandments and the Book of the Covenant were gifts he gave his people so that they would know how to live in relationship with him trusting that, in time, they would begin to understand the reasons for his rules.  Because all of his rules show us what life in his everlasting Kingdom looks like.

Holy Spirit, please teach me how to keep your laws because I know the Father loves me and wants me to live with him.  Help me to trust that Your Laws are good, even when I don't understand them, simply because you vowed to love me, be my God, and keep me safe forever.



“Then he took the Book of the Covenant and read it in the hearing of the people. And they said, 'All that the Lord has spoken we will do, and we will be obedient.'"   Exodus 24:7

Q13: Can we make this payment (for justice) ourselves?

A13: Certainly not. Actually we increase our debt every day.
Q14: Can another creature - any at all - pay this deby for us?

A1: No. To begin with, God will not punish any other creature for what a human is guilty of. Furthermore, no mere creature can bear the weight of God's eternal wrath against sin and deliver others from it.
"O Church, Arise"

by Keith and Kristyn Getty

Click here to listen to a demo and read the lyrics so you can practice at home. 

"We Will Feast in the House of Zion"

by Sandra McCracken

Click here to listen to a demo and read the lyrics so you can practice at home. 


MAY 19: Elementary Graduation Lunch after worship. Be sure to RSVP today!

MAY 19: Register for camp by this day to ensure your preferred T-shirt size.

JUNE 3-8: Drama Camp 2019. Sign up today!

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