The Bumbershoot: May 20, 2019

May 20, 2019
The Bumbershoot
The purpose of children's ministry at TPC is to give specific thought and attention to the way children grow in their understanding of Christ's Kingdom and what membership in that Kingdom entails.


Though yesterday was the last day to register and be guaranteed a t-shirt, Drama Camp registration is still open and the sooner you register the more likely you are to get one of the extra shirts.  Click here to register today. Click here to see the Drama Camp commercial and then send it to a friend to invite them to come with you.

As Christians we are all sent by God into the places we live with the job of showing Christ's love, forgiveness, and beauty to those around us. One of the ways the children's ministry focuses on this task is through Drama Camp each summer. The main purposes of camp are to:

1) encourage children in their God-given creativity

2) give youth the opportunity to pursue their God-given interests

3) be a blessing to the community

Prayerfully consider how you would like to be involved in this mission project?

Yesterday was the last day of CE for the spring semester.  As is our custom at TPC, we take a break for the summer and encourage you to use the extra hour on Sunday to spend time in fellowship with friends. Fall CE classes will begin on August 18.

Rather than an entire newsletter, the children's ministry will send email updates through the summer when they are needed.  The Bumbershoot will resume in August.  

  Dr. Ed
Dr. Ed commissioned our 5th graders as they graduated elementary school. 

Mrs. Banji OT reading
Since they were tiny they have known, when Mrs. Banji speaks, we listen!

many teachersMany teachers during elementary years have helped them grow in Christ.

The last worship training lesson was, "Going Out with God's Blessing" and next week will be "Church Seasons & Colors" Click on the title to read the lessons for further discussion at home.


EXODUS 25:8-9 and 29:45-46

"God likes camping," declared Pastor Brandon to begin the sermon yesterday. You may have never thought about that. You may have never thought about what kinds of things God likes at all. But, Scripture does teach us that God likes camping.  We know this because he has been camping for a very, very long time.

When he made the covenant to be the God of the Isralites and never to leave them, he was vowing to camp with them until all things are made new. Since the earth is not his home, and the heavenlies are, the only way God could keep his promise not to leave his people, was to pitch his tent among them.  And that is exactly what he did. He gave the Israelites instructions on how to build the Tabernacle so that it would be a place that represents who God is and what he has promised to do for them. He desires that humans - even though we rebelled and destroyed his creation with our sin - be brought back to live with him again.

So his tent, represents the way to that life with him. The wash basin shows that we need to be cleaned. The stone altar shows that our hearts of stone need a sacrifice that will make them alive. The Holy place represents what our lives should look like once he has cleaned us and made us alive. And the Holy of Holies represents God's Throne Room where he desires we be able to enter to live and reign with him.  The entire Tabernacle is a picture of the path that God takes to dwell with us. 

And because God's eternal desire is to dwell with his people, all of the symbolism He gave in the Tent he had the people build, must actually happen. That is why Jesus came. Jesus not only shows us in his life how to walk the path to God's House, He IS God's House!  Everything that is true about the Tabernacle, is true of Jesus. God camps in a human being.  And He never stopped camping there. Jesus was raised from the dead and lives eternally so that we might believe God's Words and follow Jesus into God's Throne Room.  Jesus doens't just represent what we need, He actually IS what we need.

Father, Son and Holy Spirit, thank you that you came to dwell with us so that we might dwell with You.



“I will dwell among the people of Israel and will be their God."   Exodus 29:45

Q15: What manner of mediator and redeemer then, must we seek?

A15: One who is a true and sinless man, and yet more powerful than all creatures, that is, one who is at the same time true God.
Q16: Why must he be a true and sinless man?

A16: Because the justice of God requires, that the same human nature which has sinned should make satisfaction for sin; but no, man being himself a sinner, could satisfy for others.
"O Church, Arise"

by Keith and Kristyn Getty

Click here to listen to a demo and read the lyrics so you can practice at home. 

"We Will Feast in the House of Zion"

by Sandra McCracken

Click here to listen to a demo and read the lyrics so you can practice at home. 

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