The Story of the Church


Our fall study is the story of the Church from 6 BC through 2018. This series will walk through the major Christian events and personalities that brought us from the first century to the Church that we see in the world today. We will present two lectures on each of the four 500-year periods and wrestle with the theological and historical movements that result in the set of beliefs we hold in the PCA.

Listen to Previous weeks:

    Week 1 (August 19th)  Week 1 Slides

    Week 2 (August 26th)  Week 2 Slides

    Week 3 (September 9th) Week 3 Slides

    Week 4 (September 16th) Week 4 Slides

    Week 5 (September 23th) Week 5 Slides

    Week 6 (October 7th) Week 6 Slides

    Week 7 (October 14th) Week 7 Slides

    Week 8 (October 21th) Week 8 Slides