Children's Christian Education (CE)


 Pre-K - 1st Grade v2
 Music Lessons Pre-k - 1st grade


2nd-5th VCE v2 Music Lessons 2nd-5th grade


Children's CE starts Sunday, August 16! New prerecorded lessons will be posted on Sundays unless noted otherwise.  New music lessons will be posted 1-2 times a month.  Please register your child(ren) for a CE class. Download the registration card and attach the completed card to an email to  Or drop it by the church anytime.  We are open on Sundays from 9:00am-noon.  There is a basket for registration cards on the GREEN Children's CE table just outside of the sanctuary. Office hours are 9am-3pm Monday - Friday and there is a mail slot to the left of the front doors for after hours. Or, you can always drop them in the mail.  1020 N. Rutherford Blvd. Murfreesboro, TN 37130.

 Younger Children’s Virtual Class- PreK (3 & 4 year old’s), Kindergarten and 1st grade  Teachers:  Lydia Alexander, Katie Whisenant, Neecia Eggar and Pat Alley                                                                                                            

Older Children’s Virtual Class-2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades  Teachers:  Eric and Marynelle Klumpe, Ron and Peggy Phillips and Sherrie Hester   

 Everyone will be studying and practicing memorizing the same Scripture.  This is so vital and important to learn as a Christian.  It would be wonderful for the kids to memorize the assigned Scripture.  However, the idea is not to get bogged down with it.  Exposure to our Father’s Word at an early age, regardless if memory is mastered, begins the journey of his Word being stored in our hearts and minds to use as we grow.  You can make this a family event!  Learn and practice together the Scripture through out the week!  (NOTE: The books have Catechism memory as part of the lessons.  For Virtual CE, we will not be including them in the lesson.)

Virtual Music Lessons    Teacher:  Debbie Dunn                                                      There will be a Younger and an Older Music class posted 1-2 times a month.  Join in for a fun time of singing and listening to music!  

Supplemental Parent and Student Books-Look for these on the GREEN table next to the Young Worshiper’s table outside of the Sanctuary.  1 Parent Book per family and 1 Student Book per Student.  The Parent Book has great info on the lessons as well ideas for games and activities for reinforcement.  The Student Book is great to follow along the lessons as well as a Scripture memory chart that can be marked off as something is practiced and/or memorized. If you cannot make it to the building to get books, please let us know and we will get some sent to you.

Your child’s teachers will be contacting you and your child throughout the semester to create and maintain a relationship! If you have any questions, ask your child’s teacher or me.  We are happy to help!  Teachers' contact info can be found in the Church Directory.  Email if you wish to have one sent to you.

Scroll to the end of this page to see Memory Game ideas!

Sherry Nowlin, Director of Children’s Christian Formation  


Memory Games for Scripture Memory

  1. Bean Bag Toss: Stand or sit in a circle.  Using a bean bag or a ball, say the first word of the day’s passage then toss or roll the bag/ball to a someone else.  Each person has to say the next word before passing the bag or ball to another student.
  2. Erase the Words: Write the entire passage on paper or dry erase board.  After reciting the passage aloud, erase one word or words at a time.  Then keep reciting the passage and erasing words as you go until the whole passage can be said.
  3. Funny Voices: Write different voices on slips of paper and put them in a jar (i.e. Robot, Minnie Mouse, evil scientist, etc.).  Draw out one at a time and recite the passage in that funny voice
  4. Word Puzzles: Write each word of the passage on an individual card.  Have the cards sitting in order and recite them.  Then scramble the words and put them in the correct order.
  5. Phrase Picture Puzzles:  Use the same idea from “Word Puzzles” except find pictures to represent each phrase of the passage and print them on individual sheets of paper.   Have the children find the phrase pictures and put them in order saying each phrase out loud as they work.
  6. Motions: Come up with motions for each phrase of the passage and recite it repeatedly using the motions.
  7. Make a framed quote: Type or write the passage on different colors of paper.  Then cut the phrases apart and put them in the middle of the table so that there are multiple colors with each phrase on them-enough for each child.  Give each child a frame (just drawn on paper).  Begin quoting the first phrase of the passage and find one of the phrases from the pile in the middle.  Show everyone what the words look like and have them all find it and recite it while they glued it in their frame.  Continue until the whole passage is glued down.
  8. Fill in the blanks: Type or write the passage replacing key words with blanks.  Then as you recite the passage fill in the blanks as you go.
  9. Did God Really Say…: Satan disordered Gods’ word to fool Adam and Eve showing us how important it is to know God’s Word well. Recite the verse correctly several times together then tell your child that you are going to make a mistake and it is their job to catch your mistake before you get to the end of the verse.  Then they must tell you why the wrong word doesn’t make sense.
  10. Build a foundation of God’s word: Attach words or phrases to blocks or Legos and have your child find the words in order and build a foundation of God’s Word putting each next phrase on top of the one before.